May 2018

Muscat : Towell Auto Centre LLC (TAC), the sole distributor of Bridgestone tires in Sultanate of Oman, is known for its activities beyond selling tires. TAC’s main focus is to attain 100% customer satisfaction by way of offering value added services like offering training programs on preventive maintenance of tires, conducting Safety Check Campaigns within selected customer groups thus assuring 100% safety of all motorists in town.

TAC & Bridgestone team conducted a FREE Tyre Safety campaign exclusively for PDO staff at PDO premises in Mina Al Fahal on 02nd February 2017, where they received excellent response from all PDO staff and their esteemed visitors. The campaign was open from 9.00am to 3.00pm for everyone, where a professionally trained technical team conducted free assessment of tires, by checking tire pressure, visual damages, wear pattern etc. The team also educated customers on importance and benefits of maintaining recommended inflation pressure, tire rotation at every 10K kms, checking wheel alignment periodically and use of valve caps. Through this campaign, Bridgestone tries to ensure 100% safety of their esteemed customers and their families. Following above recommended best practices will definitely result in reduced accidents, enhanced tire life leading to cost effectiveness in terms of cost per kilometer (CPKM) and a trouble free drive and comfort.

The team displayed an array of new generation products from Bridgestone which include Dueler, Potenza, Turanza, Ecopia, etc covering both Sedan and 4WD vehicle segments. The team inspected over 50 plus cars during the campaign and offered FREE user friendly Pressure Gauges that can be stored in the glove box of the cars. The technical team demonstrated the usage of pressure gauge and recommended to check inflation pressure while tires are cold and once again emphasized on importance of checking tire inflation pressure at least once in 30days.  A tire with the right balance of air pressure also reduces the rolling resistance of the vehicle thus enhancing fuel efficiency, which is an added cost benefit under the prevailing fuel prices. With full support and cooperation from PDO senior management and staff, TAC and Bridgestone together conducted a successful campaign.

Bridgestone’s passionate commitment towards safety and comfort inspires and enables them to set new standards of technological advancement. Bridgestone tires are tested proven internationally for its safety, reliability and durability. “Such campaigns form a part of our social responsibility to all motorists in Sultanate of Oman and during such these campaigns we highlight the importance of preventive periodic maintenance of tires, thus ensuring 100% safety and enhanced tire life. With TAC’s commitment to Customer Care and the support capabilities that we offer, we are certain that our customers will be convinced of the quality and dependability of our products. We are confident that all our esteemed customers will continue patronizing Bridgestone thereby recognizing TAC and Bridgestone as their family brand” said Mr. Jaishankar, General Manager – Bridgestone Tyre Division.

Towell Auto Centre (TAC) operates a retail network of 22 Tyre Care Plus outlets, strategically located with an objective of getting closer to customers. TAC have a nationwide presence, covering all major territories across the Sultanate of Oman, i.e. Barka, Musannah, Sohar, Saham, Bu Ali, Ibra, Sinaw, Ibri, Nizwa, Karsha, Sumail, Salalah and Sur. In Muscat TCPs are located at Wadikabir, Baushar, Ghubra, Ghala, Rusayl, Al Khoudh and Mabellah with First Stop stores located in Amerat, Seeb and recently added Muladha. Bridgestone Truck Tyre Centre is located in Ghala and Fleet Points are located at Fahud, Karsha, Nimr and Salalah. It is an indisputable fact that the success and market leadership of Bridgestone is entirely dependent on the support received from our prestigious and loyal customers. TAC in return strives to exceed service expectations of all customers to ensure a long-term brand loyalty thus ensuring TAC’s and Bridgestone’s market leadership in Sultanate of Oman.

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