May 2018

Muscat : Bridgestone is named the world’s largest tyre manufacturer for a ninth consecutive year, following the release of the 2017 Global Tyre rankings by Tire Business. The Japanese brand comfortably claimed the top spot with total tyre and tyre-related sales of $22.1 billion in 2016.

The ranking comes despite a downturn in the worldwide tyre industry, which points towards the strength and appeal of Bridgestone’s tyre range. The manufacturer’s broad passenger vehicle range is a match for MEA’s testing road conditions, and includes products focused on sport (Potenza), comfort (Turanza), ecology (Ecopia) and SUV/4×4 (Dueler).

“Bridgestone’s number one ranking for a ninth consecutive year is a great achievement and a well-earned endorsement for the quality of both our tyres and services” commented Mete Ekin, Regional Managing Director, Bridgestone MEA.

“MEA is a highly competitive region for tyre manufacturers and I attribute our success to an acute understanding of customers’ needs and challenges, alongside the trust we’ve built over time” he added.

As one of the world’s leading tyre and rubber companies, the Bridgestone Group supports the movement of people and goods around the world. Mobility is essential to everyday life today and making it convenient and comfortable contributes to a better society.

“By using resources more efficiently, Bridgestone will help deliver a safer and smarter transportation experience while improving social and environmental outcomes across the globe” he added.

Tire Business ranks the tyre makers based on their revenue from the sale of tyres they’ve manufactured, excluding items such as third-party sales of steel cord, synthetic rubber or carbon black, as well as estimates for non-tire items such as auto-service-related revenue at company-owned retail stores.

Other innovations have helped to maintain Bridgestone’s evidently wide appeal among motorists. They include its Run-Flat Technology, which provide peace of mind that, even with a puncture, motorists can safely reach a suitable location to fit a spare wheel without being stranded at once. The manufacturer also supplies the region’s commercial vehicles, while offering highly advanced, specialist tyres for use on off-road construction vehicles and aircraft.

Bridgestone is one of the world’s leading tyre producer & rubber company and a popular tyre brand in the Sultanate of Oman. Towell Auto Centre, pioneer in the automobile business in Oman since 1972, is the sole distributor of Bridgestone tyres in the Sultanate of Oman.

Bridgestone Oman operates a retail network of 26 outlets which provide excellent sales and professional service to their esteemed customers. Bridgestone’s Tyre Care Plus outlets are located in Barka, Musannah, Sohar, Saham, Bu Ali, Ibra, Sinaw, Ibri, Nizwa, Karsha, Sumail, Salalah and Sur. In Muscat, Tyre Care Plus outlets are located in WadiKabir, Ghubra, Ghala, Al Khoudh and Mabellah. Bridgestone’s flagship retail store First Stop is located in Amerat, Bausher, Seeb, Muladha and now in Misfah. Bridgestone’s full-fledged Truck Tyre Centre is is located in Ghala and Fleet Points are in Fahud, Karsha, Nimr and Salalah. Bandag retread factory is located in Mabella. Together TAC & Bridgestone strive to exceed customers’ service expectations and ascertain long-term brand loyalty thus maintaining a leadership position in the market.

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